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Honda Air Filters

Air Filter - Honda EU65 / EU70

Foam air filter for Honda EH65 / EU70 Part number: 17211Z11000
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Air Filter - Honda GCV530, GXV530, EU70is

OEM Part No: 17211-ZOA-013, 17211-Z0A-013, 17211-Z3S-003 Fits Honda models GCV530, GXV530, 16 hp V-twin vertical shaft units. GX440IR, GX440IU, Horizontal shaft models. Generator models EU7000is, EU7...
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Air Filter - Honda GD411

Air Filter - Honda GD411 Part number: 17210ZG3505
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Air Filter - Honda GX110, GX120 (early Style)

OEM Part No: 17210-ZEO-822, 17210-ZEO-821, 17210-ZE0-822, 17210-ZE0-821 Fits Honda GX110 old 3 1/2 hp, GX120, WB20 new 4 hp engines. With Pre Filter. Height: 50mm Length: 108mm Width: 80mm
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Air Filter - Honda GX120, GX160, GX200

OEM Part No: 17210-ZE1-505, 17210ZE1505, 17210-ZE1-507, 17210ZE1507, 17210-ZE1-517, 17210ZE1517, 17210-ZE1-821, 17210ZE1821, 17210-ZE1-822, 17210ZE1822, 17210Z4M821, AFZE18, 1114274 Fits Honda models...
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Air Filter - Honda GX630

OEM Part No: 17210-Z6L-000, 17210-Z6L-010, 70544 Fits Honda models GX630, GX660, GX690.
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Air Filter - Honda GXV120 / GXV160

OEM Part No: 17210-ZE6-505, 17210-ZE6-003, 17211-888-013 Fits 3 1/2, 4 & 5 hp models GXV120, GV150, GV200, HR194 & HR195. With Pre Filter. Height: 50mm Length: 190mm Width: 64mm
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Air Filter - Honda GXV160 on HRU Mowers

OEM Part No: 17210-Z1V-003 Fits model GXV160K fitted to Honda HRU models. Height: 50mm Length: 190mm Width: 64mm
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AIR FILTER - HONDA HRU173PU Part number: 17211ZG1700
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Air Filter Assy for Honda GX240 / GX270

OEM Part No: 17410-ZE2-020, 180020314T086, 1800203140001 Fits Loncin models G270F Fits Honda models GX240, GX270. Fits Sina models G270
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Air Filter Assy for Honda GX340 / GX390

OEM Part No: 17410-ZH9-N00, 180020315T114, 1800203150001 Fits Honda models GX340, GX390. Fits Sina models G420 Fits Loncin models G420F, 188F
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Air FIlter Base - Honda UMK425

Air Filter Base - Honda UMK425 Part number: 17220Z0H010
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Air Filter Base for Honda GCV160, GCV190

Fits Honda models GC135, GC160, GC190, GCV135, GCV160, GCV190, GS160, GS190, GSV160, GSV190 Part number: 17220ZM0000
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Air Filter Element - Honda GX25

OEM Part No: 17211Z0H000 Fits Honda model GX25, UMK425, UMJ425, WX10.
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Air Filter for Honda GX340 / GX390

OEM Part No: 17210-ZE3-010, 17210-ZE3-505, AFZE30 Fits Sina model G420 Fits Honda 8 - 13 hp models GX240, GX270, GX340 & GX390. With Pre Filter. Fits Loncin model G420F, 188F Height: 92mm Lengt...
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