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Cycle Pro Moped Kits & Parts

Full range of Cycle Pro bicycle engine kits and spare parts

CPM Ignition Cover Gasket

CPM Ignition Cover Gasket Suits all engine models
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CPm fuel filter.jpeg

CPM In-Line Fuel Filter

Suitable for all Cycle Pro engines
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415 joiner link.jpeg

CPM Joiner Link (415)

Chain Joining Link Suits all Cycle Pro engine kits 415 Chain Pitch
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CPM Magneto / Flywheel Cover

This is the alloy cover that mounts over the flywheel and primary ignition coil. Fits all models.
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CPM Muffler - Chrome

CPM Muffler - Chrome Suits all 50cc and 70cc engines
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CPM Multi Point Spark Plug

CPM Multi Point Spark Plug Plug model: Z4C
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CPM NT Carburettor

This is the standard carburetor and can be used on all engine, 48cc, 60cc and 70cc. This carburetor is easy to use and works very well. Comes complete with the air filter assy.
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CPM Performance Cylinder Head (70cc)

CPM Performance Cylinder Head This is a high compression cylinder head machine from a solid billet of aluminum. Fitting this cylinder kit to an standard 70cc Cycle Pro engine gives a huge compre...
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performance pipe large.jpg

CPM Performance Exhaust (Large)

These pipes give a proven 0.2 Kw increase on a standard engine!
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CPM Piston Pin Clip

CPM Piston Pin Clip Suits all engine models
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CPM Pressure Plate

CPM Pressure Plate Suita all engine models
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CPM Race Expansion Chamber

CPM Race Expansion Chamber Advanced users only and custom fitting and set will be required, Suitable for highly modified high performance engines.
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CPM Small End Bearing

CPM Small End Bearing Suits all engine models
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CPM Small End Bearing Bush

CPM Small End Bearing Bush Used on early model engine that do not have a needle roller bearing for the piston pin
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CPM Spark Plug Cap

CPM Spark Plug Cap Suits all engine models
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