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CPM Exhaust Parts

CPM Expansion Chamber Exhaust

This pipe consists of a manifold that bolts to the cylinder as normal. The main pipe has a screw coupling that screws to the manifold. You can swivel the pipe/manifold at the coupling to get the right...
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CPM Muffler - Chrome

CPM Muffler - Chrome Suits all 50cc and 70cc engines
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CPM Performance Exhaust (Large)

These pipes give a proven 0.2 Kw increase on a standard engine!
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CPM Race Expansion Chamber

CPM Race Expansion Chamber Advanced users only and custom fitting and set will be required, Suitable for highly modified high performance engines.
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Cycle Pro Performance Exhaust Pipe (Small)

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Exhaust Gasket - Cycle Pro GT80

Copper exhaust gasket for Cycle Pro GT80 engines
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Expansion Chamber Gasket

This is the gasket that fits between the front header pipe and the main chamber.
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Muffler - Cycle Pro GT80

Muffler Suits Cycle Pro GT80 engines
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Phantom 85 Muffler

Exhaust / Muffler Suits the Phantom 85 engines.
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