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Brushcutter Shaft Parts

Drive Shaft - Echo SRM-520 / Shindaiwa B510S

Drive Shaft Suits the following models: Echo SRM-335ES/U, SRM-335ES/L, SRM-420ES/L, SRM-420ES/U, SRM-420TES/L, SRM-420TES/U, SRM-520ES/U Shindaiwa B510S Part number: 610011-49931
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Drive Shaft - Shindaiwa AH236LW

Shindaiwa Drive Cable Suits Shindaiwa AH236, AH236LW Part number: C506-00090
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Drive Shaft - Shindaiwa SBA Attachment

Drive Shaft Suits Shindaiwa SBA hedge cutter & pole saw attachments Part number: C504-000870
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Knob - Echo PAS-265, PAS-2620 (replaces V299-000321)

Coupling Knob Suits the following: Echo PAS-265ES, PAS-2620ES, PPT-236, PPT-265, PPT-2620 Shindaiwa M262, PT262 Part number: V299-000660, V266-000321
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Shaft Sleeve - Stihl

4140 791 7207
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Socket Drive - Echo PPT-2100

Socket Drive Suits Echo PPT-2100, PPT-2400 Pole pruners Part number: 610298-22360
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Starter Pawl - Shindaiwa AH2510, C2510, T2510, M2510 (replaces 62901-75310)

Shindaiwa Stater Pawl Dog Suits the following: Shindaiwa AH2510, C2510, T2510, EB2510, M2510 Part number: A518-000020
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