Echo 2 Stroke Oil, 1 Litre Bottle


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Echo Power Blend 2 Stroke Oil, 1 Litre Bottle

This is a 1 Litre bottle of Echo 2 Stroke oil. Suitable for all chainsaws and air cooled 2 stroke engines. Echo Power Blend 2 stroke oil is a premium quality, low smoke oil which protects the engine, lowers engine operating temperature and reduces carbon build up inside the engine.

Oil Rating: JASO FD

A Note Regarding 2-Stroke Oils

2 Stroke oils are rated depending on their quality. Always look for the JASO rating. The ratings are “FA, “FB”, “FC” or “FD” The “F” means it is an oil for air cooled 2 stroke engines and the second letter tells you the quality, “A” is the lowest and “D” is the highest. All modern 2 stroke engines require a minimum of “FC” rated 2 stroke oil. Any oil that is rated lower than FC should not used and any oil that doesn’t have a rating printed on the bottle definitely cannot be used. Using a high quality 2 stroke oil can save you a very expensive engine repair.


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