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We are authorized Oregon dealers and we aim to offer the best products at the best price with the best service.

Oregon is the world’s largest manufacturer of saw chain which is designed and built to the finest quality. If you are a home owner, landscaper or commercial forestry operator, Oregon products offer great value and always deliver true performance.

Oregon builds the finest saw chain. Oregon invented it and are constantly finding ways to improve on it. Others try to copy, but they simply cannot match the original. Oregon sets the standard for performance, stay-sharp, reliability and service life.

When cut is important and you want value for your dollars, insist on Oregon.

We always carry a large range of Oregon guide bar in stock, from the small 12″ consumer bars up to the 42″ professional bars. If you are needing a bar that you cannot find listed here, please contact us.


Oregon Pro Lite Bar

Available in 12″ up to 20″ for most saws from 35cc – 70cc. The Pro Lite bars are a laminated sprocket nose bar designed for heavy duty use in firewood cutting and farming. Excellent for modern high speed saws requiring a combination of low weight and durability. Pro Lite bars are manufactured from a special high silicon steel alloy and feature the proper sprocket nose.


Available in 16″ up to 42″ for most saws from 60cc – 120cc. The Power Match bars are a solid steel bar, machined from a single billet of steel. They are the result of in-field research and testing with professional loggers world wide. Power Match bars are used by commercial operators though out the world every day and are proven for their durability. Power Match bars are manufactured from a special high silicon steel alloy and feature a replaceable sprocket nose.

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